Hi I’m Ashley.

I’m an experienced systems admin and web developer. I believe my IT experience combined with my friendly demeanor and customer service-oriented attitude would make me an excellent addition to your company.

You don’t have to limit me to just the IT field though. I would also be a great executive assistant, customer service, data entry, or any other job that a friendly and intelligent person can handle.

Here is a short list of technologies I am amazing with:

  • Web servers
    • LAMP
    • Nginx
    • IIS
    • Tomcat
  • Domain Controllers
    • Active Directory
    • OpenLDAP
    • DNS
    • DHCP
    • Microsoft Server 2008 to present
    • Linux alternatives
    • File/Folder security
  • Email
    • Zimbra
    • Microsoft Exchange
    • Mailcow
    • Office 365
    • Gmail
  • Security Appliance
    • Untangled
    • Sonicwall
  • Desktop OS
    • Windows 2000 to present
    • Linux Mint
    • Ubuntu
    • Etc
  • Backup
    • BackupEXEC
    • Windows backup
    • AhsayOBM
    • Carbonite
    • A myriad of open source alternatives
  • Database
    • MySQL
    • Microsoft SQL
    • Postgresql
  • ERP
    • Dentrix
    • Eaglesoft
    • Dolphin Imaging
  • Business Reporting
    • JasperSoft
  • Software Development
    • PHP
    • MySQL
    • HTTP
    • CSS
    • Joomla
    • Wordpress
  • Phone systems
    • FreePBX
    • VOIP
    • Android
    • iPhone
    • Device management
  • Office Suites
    • Word
    • Excel
    • Outlook
    • Open source alternatives
  • File Sharing
    • Windows Share
    • File/Folder Permission
    • FreeNAS
    • Next Cloud
    • SAMBA

I have more than 18 years of experience and there isn’t much I haven’t worked with. The list above isn’t exhaustive.

Here are a few websites I’ve built:

References available upon request.

Thank you so much for your consideration,
Ash Leslie Thoth
(720) 481-5777

Systems administrator • otf foods, llc • 2018 • 2020

Deployed network systems, necessary servers.  Developed web-based workflow software to eliminate the need for paper then used Jasper to create reports for the executive team.

systems engineer • yu south & associates • 2015 • 2018

Managed and maintained Exchange 2010 and Domain Controllers while also serving as Desktop Support for all the tenants in the building.  Migrated Exchange, Domain Controller, and Desktops to utilize Linux.  Deployed VMWare and BDRSuite to backup all virtual machines.

help desk • clubcorp • 2014 • 2015

Resolved issues with PCs from the field.  Created and escalated tickets to the necessary department if needed.  Assisted with the migration from Lotus Notes to Zimbra.

break/fix tech • dallas computer techs • 2009 • 2014

In charge of disaster recovery and planning.  Maintained several Exchange servers and Domain Controllers located in various small businesses in the DFW Metroplex.

field support engineer • rent a center hq • 2008 • 2009

Resolved any and all issues with computer terminals, networking equipment, and internet at all retail locations.

Junior network admin • ams leasing • 2007 • 2008

Acted as desktop support, and help desk.  Maintained BackupEXEC, Barracuda Spam Filter, and created/disabled users in Active Directory.

lead computer tech • computer rx • 2006 • 2007

Assigned work loads to other techs, pairing issues with best tech for the problem.  Diagnosed and repaired PCs that came into shop.

computer tech • padre computers • 2005 • 2006

Diagnosed and repaired PCs that came into shop.

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My web development services are SEO minded and include creation of your social media pages, listing your business on Google Maps, Bing Maps, and Apple Maps. I have experience with most CMS (i.e. Wordpress, drupal, etc.) and I'm a full LAMP stack developer as well. Here are a few websites I've built recently:


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